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      Vacuum Pump NEWS

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      Vacuum pump unit appears vibrating

      When the vacuum pump unit appears vibrating, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation of the spring isolator, which is because of the choice of the spring isolator of the vacuum pump unit; in general, the self-standing spring damper will also be used. If it is simple in structure and low in cost, the spring is exposed, so that we can observe the spring state at any time.
      Springs that need to be replaced should be disposed of in advance, and in this case, the spring rust may be prevented from being excessively damaged, causing damage to the equipment caused by sudden settling of the vacuum pump unit and tearing of the piping.
      The vacuum pump unit has a vibrating image to choose to install a spring isolator. The choice of the spring is actually to pay more attention. In general, the springs selected by the damper manufacturer must meet the following requirements. The spring diameter should be no less than 0.8 times the height below the rated load; the spring needs to have a certain extra stroke, and the vortex flowmeter is at least It should be equal to 50% of the rated static deflection; the horizontal stiffness of the spring is at least 100% of the straightness of the steel, and the stability of the damper can be guaranteed at this time.
      When the vacuum pump unit appears vibrating, choose to install the spring isolator. At this time, you must also pay attention to the choice of the deflection of the spring damper. In general, the rated deflection of the spring damper (spring rated compression) for the damper manufacturer is generally 25 MM (self-frequency value is about 3-4HZ).
      It is said that the deflection on the spring isolator is the vibration isolation of the vacuum pump unit which can be directly applied to 650 rpm. And when the vacuum pump unit is running, when the speed is lower than 650, we actually recommend a spring isolator with a deflection of 40 or less. In this case, it is also possible to reduce the occurrence of equipment, so that noise can be avoided.

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