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      Vacuum Pump PRODUCTS

      Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products

      Model JZJPX (H) Roots Pump + Rotary-Vane (slide valve) Vacuum Pump Unit

      JZJPX(H) is the roots vacuum pump as the main pump, rotary vane (or slide valve) vacuum pump as the former pump vacuum acquisition equipment, its structure is compact, easy to operate. Because what ZJ had (ZJP) roots pump must be in front of the system is level rotary vane vacuum pump (or valve) to the roots vacuum pump to allow start after pressure can only start roots pump work, therefore, generally in the unit air inlet must be installed an electric contact vacuum gauge, in order to control the roots pump start-up pressure and working pressure range, namely the current pump rotary-vane vacuum pump (or valve) starts to drainage system, when the system pressure the roots vacuum pump inlet pressure to allow the start-up pressure value of roots pump, roots vacuum pump can start the work
      JZJPX(H) type rotary vane (slide valve) vacuum pump with front stage rotary vane (slide valve) for vacuum unit, is an h-type slide valve vacuum pump designed for vacuum smelting and vacuum furnace with large amount of dust, which is innovatively developed by introducing foreign advanced technology. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the industry of refining beauty and titanium

      Main specifications:
      Model JZJPX30-4 JZJPX70-8 JZJPX150-30 JZJPX300-30 JZJPX600-70 JZJPX1200-150×2 JZJPX1200-300-70
      Chief Pump ZJP-30 ZJP-70 ZJP-150 ZJP-300 ZJP-600 ZJP-1200 ZJP-1200+ZJP-300
      Backing Pump 2X-4A/2XZ-4 2X-8/2XZ-8B 2X-30A 2X-30A/2X-70A 2X-70A X-150(2臺) 2X-70A
      Pumping Speed(L/S) 30 70 150 300 600 1200 1200
      Ultimate Pressure(Pa) 5×10-2 5×10-2 5×10-2 5×10-2 5×10-2 5×10-2 5×10-2

      Model JZJPH-600.150 JZJPH-1200.150
      Chief Pump ZJP-600 ZJP-1200
      Backing Pump H-150 H-150
      Power(kw) Chief Pump 7.5 11
        Backing Pump 15 15
      Pumping Speed(L/S) 600 1200
      Ultimate Pressure(Pa) 0.1 0.1
      Air inlet(mm) 150 250
      Air Outlet(mm) 80 80

      Vacuum Pump Related Products

      Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products